We are happy to announce that our second office is now opened!
It is located at: 1585 Barrington Rd. Building 2, Suite 103, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169. (Opened Tuesday and Wednesday)
Walk-Ins Welcome!
We would like to welcome Dr. Daniel Reed to our practice beginning on April 29, 2024!

Below you can explore what we offer in the office for purchase or can have ordered for you through your insurance. Based on the needs of your wound we can recommend the appropriate treatment through years of healing patient's wounds.

You can use HSA and Flex accounts for these items.

Vashe is comprised of Hypochlorite. Which is the compound your own body's defenses use against bacteria, fungus and viruses. This is a new highly effective daily wash for ulcers, scrapes, cuts, and infections.
This collagen sponge we use primarily mixed with an antibiotic in the office or hospital. Dr. McKanna developed a new treatment method for infections. In an IRB approved study, it reduced the number of hospitalizations, surgeries, and additional antibiotics; while improving healing time drastically.
Extremity Care offers daily dressing packs with collagen. You are given a starter pack in the office and recieve a months supply right to your door!
Gauze, ABDs, Kerlix rolls, tape, and anything else you need for your daily wound care. We can provide some in the office as well have more ordered through your insurance delievered to your home.
For those ulcerations draining heavily. This works excellent at actually wicking away fluid AND bacteria from the ulceration. More importantly it keeps it away from the wound.
This is a drying agent. For ulcerations or areas on the body that are too wet or draining. It can protect the healthy skin as well.
Excellent at keeping too dry of wounds moister, but in a safe controlled manner.
Non-adherent dressings are used to prevent the gauze from sticking to the ulcer causing pain during removal. We have a variety of types we can have shipped to your home based on your wound's needs.

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