We are happy to announce that our second office is now opened!
It is located at: 1585 Barrington Rd. Building 2, Suite 103, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169. (Opened Tuesday and Wednesday)
Walk-Ins Welcome!
We would like to welcome Dr. Daniel Reed to our practice beginning on April 29, 2024!

Creams, Ointments, Anti-odor, Vitamin

Below you can explore what we offer in the office for purchase. You can use HSA and Flex accounts for these items.

This works well for dry cracked skin, callouses, corns, and as part of a treatment for athletes foot.
For those with severe dry cracked skin and callouses. This is a maximum strength urea, which helps soften and thin out the painful areas on your feet.
Excellent topical steroid with urea cream. This is typically used in conjunction with a topica anti-fungal for those severe cases of athletes foot.
For those with very wet, irritated, and smelly spaces between their toes. This fights the fungus and helps dry the area for fast effective relief.
This topical anti-fungal for toenails is only available to patients in podiatry and dermatology offices.
This very effective anti-odor treatment can clear up foot odor for up to 6 months per treatment!
Miracle is one way to put it. This prescription strength lotion can turn your dry flaking skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Vitamin B complex is useful to treat and alleviate nerve pain. Essentially it is "nerve food" which allows them to have all the materials they need to repair much more quickly.

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